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Lanzarote International Marathon - cover image

Lanzarote International Marathon

  8 December 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Paul Butler wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star 4.8

I have now done this Half Marathon for the last three years and it remains one of my favourite races. Running in the sun 23C in December is a great feeling and a relief from the British winter. I travelled with 57 other people form Aldridge Running Club with members covering all distances from 10K to the Marathon and all agreed that all of the races were excellent. Registration is easy and we registered on the Thursday after landing which left us a clear day before the race on Saturday. An excellent goody bag with a fantastic technical race tee shirt and race specific wrist band, a few good little freebies inc sports drink, soap, and snacks etc. Now onto race day, The race starts 13.1 miles from the finish at the turnaround point of the out and back marathon and free bus transfer is available at the start. Buses from 0830 for a 20-30 min journey with arrival in plenty of time to have a coffee, toilet stop(s), and to see the first of the marathon runners reach the half way mark before the HM starts at 1030. The run is all either on the paved coastal walking path, or on closed roads as the race heads briefly in land at about 6 miles and then again towards the finish with 2 miles to go. Water stations are about every 2.5 - 3 miles with enough to take a bottle to drink and one to pour over your head to keep cool. The atmosphere is brilliant, the course a delight and lots of marshals and spectators along the way. The finish is a s good as you can get, with crowds cheering you in to receive your excellent medal and access to a well stocked food and drink tent including Erdinger Alkohol Frei and ice-cream! I would recommend this race, it is a nice resort to have a post race vacation, lots of restaurants and the choice, quality and prices are excellent!

2 years ago