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Rockingham 10

  4 November 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Peter Mealing wrote:
gold-star gold-star half-gold-star empty-star empty-star 2.7

Results are a mess, people listed in the 10m race cut the distance short, no recording of laps so if you want to cheat your way to a 10m PB then this was the one for you, same goes for the 10km race. This would have been easy to resolve by placement of a timing lap in the pit lane. Information has been provided to the organisers for them to easily correct the top 10 ladies based on runners previous results but alas they've decided not to bother and leave at least 2 people in the top 5 who were seen on the day to stop 100m from the finish, have a little chat and then carry on to cross the line. Not great for a county championship race. Couldn't hear the race briefing as the was stuck outside the garages. Marshall support was good, although it's a quiet race as no supporters really get to the outside of the circuit. For a £27+ entry fee I'd expect better, especially when you add nearly £2 on as an admin fee. No t-shirt just a medal, packet of cheap crisps and a bottle of water.

2 years ago

Organiser Replied:

Hi Peter. Thank you for the feedback. I'm sorry to reply late to this. All ladies results were updated successfully & accurately within a few days of the race. It is difficult when athletes drop down a distance or swap race numbers without informing the organisers as it skews the results. Thank you for the assistance. A lap mat will be used in future races to avoid these issues but unfortunately the venue here are closing making this the last Rockingham 10 race after 5 years. The race briefing was held outside next to microphones before repeating some of the key information at the start line. Sorry if you had problems hearing it - we do send out all the information beforehand in the Final Race Information by email to try to ensure everyone has chance to absorb it. We do include free race photos & sports massage in the race fee & I hope we see you again.