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Watford Half Marathon - cover image

Watford Half Marathon

  4 February 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Jessica Mepani wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.3

Watford is my first half marathon. It was a cold and muggy day but the atmosphere was great. I was warned about the hills before I entered but didn’t how quite how many there’d be. I think I counted around 7 long steep hills. Most of the views along the route was beautiful, it started off in Cassiobury and ended there too in a slightly different location from the start. The marshalls were great and the people along the route were amazing, there was a lot of support. The residence even had their own water stations and some played music for the runners. Some of the route was narrow and it wasn’t always safe because of passing cars. The medal was a nice little momento, made in the shape of the famous tree in Cassiobury. I was very disappointed with how small it was though. The finishers t-shirt was equally disappointing. When I got to the finish line they didn’t have my size and it was very plain and not worth wearing and showing off. I think the race organisers should’ve pre planned in the sense that maybe ask people what their sizes are when we register? Overall my experience of Watford was quite interesting. I mainly did it because it was in my home town. It’s not a race for people who want PBs and want a course that’s flat as it is far from it. I didn’t have a bad experience but I don’t think I’d be doing it again anytime soon.

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