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Athens Authentic Marathon - cover image

Athens Authentic Marathon

profile-avatar-thumbnail Christos Makiyama wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.7

It was my very first official marathon race participation and the best way to start with the authentic marathon. The course is not easy with some long ascends after the 12Km and a descent after the 32Km. Also, even it is in November around the noon time the sunlight was strong and got hot. The logistics and organization were outstanding beginning with the bus transport from central Athens to Marathon stadium, availability of heating sheets, water before the start. A drawback might be the limited number of toilets during the course but a big part of the course was in non-residential areas so you could manage it in nature(a bit challenging for ladies). Also, I have to admit that the elegant and gorgeous view of Kalimarmaro stadium at the goal, just amplifies your emotions connecting your challenging with this 2400 years history endeavor.

2 years ago