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Ironman UK

  15 July 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Matt Hamilton wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.7

After the course change concerns had passed this event was great to do. organisation was really good - the split transition is frustrating for preparation and slightly less post-race, but doesn't impact actual race. The swim was in Pennington Flash and with the recent heat wave and blue green algae was very pleased that it went ahead - some challenges with the swim into the sun, and the smell but otherwise a lovely swim. Bike was tough, an altered course because of the fires sheephouse was replaced with a shorter sharper hill and Hunters Hill was a challenge particular;y second time, the course is beautiful and I always try to remember to take a look around when on the bike on longer events. The big plus for IMUK is the suppport - they crowds out on the bike course are brilliant and help you get up the climbs. Out onto the run from the town centre - 4 loops of a challenging route with a steep and the gentle incline with the reverse on the way back in - it was very warm, feed stations were excellent and the support again was amazing. It became a bit of a run walk task after 10 miles as the heat and miles took their toll. Crossing the line was emotional - glad the challenge was over, thankful for the support on the day and from famil and friends leading up to the event and ecstatic to have run down the red carpet and finished. A brilliant race, with amazing support - looking for next IM race now.

2 years ago