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Race for Life Pretty Muddy 10k \u002D Leicestershire - cover image

Race for Life Pretty Muddy 10k - Leicestershire

  8 July 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Abby Davies wrote:
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I took part in this year's half marathon and unfortuantley I won't be returning. 

Though advertised online there were no bag drop facilities available. The volunteers kindly offered to take our bags, after they'd been asked a number of times but they did advise this was not a service that is usually offered. 

It was hard to hear the race briefing with the speaker turned the oppositr way around to the start line, I just thought I'd follow the crowd (of only 37) and see what happened! 

No course map was available before the race so it really was suck it and see. In the seconf half of the run we hit a park where there were no directions, signage was all over the place so much so that I followed one person and another group were shouting to me because I was going the wrong way. No marshals were in sight to tell us where to go. My friend was nearly sent on a four-mile round trip (adding to the 13.1 she was already doing). Marshals that were around we either literally hiding in the shade (in fairness it was so hot but two of them made me jump they were so hidden), eating or on their phones. I only recall support from two marshals the whole route. 

Once we entered the field to do the final 5k there was no directional signage at all, let alone marshals to direct us. We even went through the start line getting stuck because we were unable to get through! An absolute disaster so much so that we made up the route and once I finished ended up being 1k off the half marathon mark.

The feed station offered electrolyte drinks, water and brioche though I turned down the brioche on such a warm day. It could have done with some sweets etc. There was limited water available to be honest - for such a hot day and I heard water ran out at mile 10. For just 37 participants this is pretty poor - I imagine if there were many more, water would have ran out much earlier. 

The only real psoitives were the medal and goody bag. It's such a shame because their smaller events - 5k and 10k - have good reputations but the half was just really dissapointing, especially for those who put in such an effort to train. 

Registration was easy and I had a free place through RMR so I can't fault those two parts. 

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