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Windmill Half Marathon - cover image

Windmill Half Marathon

profile-avatar-thumbnail Jack Addis wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star 4.0

I attended the Windmill Half on a bit of a whim and although it was a 3 hour drive away, it was good fun.

Very well organised, there’s ample parking and the race pack collection was easy and straightforward.

The start was good, there were two announcers on the PA system who kept everyone in good spirits and are a credit to the race.

The course itself is really flat, however it is repetitive as effectively there are 2 x 2 loops. Myself and other runners near me really struggled with working out the mileage, at some point our garmin’s were nearly a whole mile out, and my mile 5 and 6 were basically signposted 4 and 5. however the signposts 7 to 8 could’ve have been more than half a mile apart so it eventually evened itself out by mile 9ish. 


The finish area was really busy, I was pacing a friend at came in at around the 2 hour mark, however by this point a lot of finishers and spectators were crossing over the route. This would have annoyed me if I was going for a PB.


The finishers medal is big and blingy, you receive this along with a freddo and a bottle of water.




Fast (on a cooler day)



Support and marshalls 





Lack of toilets (portaloos arrive at 9:30)

Mileage signs incorrect 

Busy finish area

2 years ago