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Suzuki Midnight Sun Run - cover image

Suzuki Midnight Sun Run

  21 June 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Nick Scarlett wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star 4.1

I decided I wanted to do a half somewhere in Europe, go somewhere I'd never been and try and use up some annual leave. A race in Reykjavik, on a Thursday in the middle of June ticked all those boxes - so rather impulsively I signed up. 

It was a great decision. The "unique" element of this is the fact it starts at night - not quite midnight, I think the start time was 9pm. The organisation beforehand was good - lots of comms and a stress free organisation. Like most things in Iceland the race wasn't cheap, but equally probably better value than spending half the price pounding up and down a dual carriageway. 

The course itself is not a flat PB course, but not one with anything too difficult. There's some incredible scenery - I can honestly say I've never run past a waterfall in a half before - and had it been sunny the midnight sun would've been incredible. It wasn't a huge field, but it does deserve more attendees - the marshalls were very excitable and friendly. Water in cups is never ideal for this distance but that's the only fault I can think of. Would run again and would recommend!

2 years ago