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Leamington Spa Half Marathon - cover image

Leamington Spa Half Marathon

  1 July 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Antony Webb wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.5

I was asked to pace sub1:50 time for the first running of this great event, route was great although the hills did seem to go on and on but being a loop (always my favourite) what goes up must come down.

I would like to thank the local support, it was great to see so many people on the side of the road and the water pistols and hose pipes were great in today’s heat.

Being the first time the event has been run, their was a few teething problems that will improve this event. The first would be a need for some more toilets at the start.

i personally much preferred the bottled water introduced due to heat, but understood why organisers what to be plastic free in this day and age so please someone come up with a non plastic bottle.

It was a shame that their was a 40min delay to start, I do not know happened becouse I could not hear the PA system and finally I think some indication of the expected finishing time along the start pen would make the first mile or so a lot smoother.

I will be back for the second running.

2 years ago