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Brighton Marathon - cover image

Brighton Marathon

profile-avatar-thumbnail Jo Llo wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.3

As a first time marathon runner but not a first time running even participant this event was great. The exhibition was informative, well organised and enjoyable. I picked up some excellent last minute tips in the talks which were going on. 

The start of the race is my only gripe...not enough loo's! Lots of people in incorrect waves owing to the massive queues. Need double....maybe triple the amount they had. In addition to that there were hardly any on the course which was also pretty annoying. Some people resorted to a makeshift one from an abandoned Marshall table on a verge! 

The course itself was interesting and picturesque and not too undulating. Water/energy gels and drinks were in abundance as was support from the locals! Loved that. 

The finish was great, the set-up worked well logistically and the village had a nice festival vibe. They ran out of small t-shirts by the time I got there; which was weird because lots of similar sized women were also finishing nearby to me but  meh, I'll wear it with pride still. Loved the design and the Bowie lyric - nice touch. Medal was nice but good bag mediocre for £64.

All in all a top race, a few small gripes but the good outweighed these by far. Loved it. 

4 years ago