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Hertfordshire 100 Cycle Ride - cover image

Hertfordshire 100 Cycle Ride

  6 May 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Richard Berke wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star empty-star 3.6

This is not so much a race, more of an enjoyable weekend ride so not really one for the uber competetive but really accessible for others just looking for a good day out on the bike.

No race briefing to speak of, you just take a map and start when you are ready to (rolling start between 8&9) which make total sense as means the field is spread out.

The roads are open so you do need to take care but the ride was really well marshalled and pretty much every turn well marked with junctions supervised and someone there to wave you through (I got lost once but totally my fault).

Very friendly crowd and as I was alone I partnered up with someone a couple of miles in and we rode together which certainly helped in the later stages.

Feed stations are not a speed through affair but more a stop for a coffee and a chat (as I say really not a race).

The whole event is for charity and well worth doing; def going to be on my list for 2019 as a great warm up for the legs before tri season starts.

2 years ago