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Royal Windsor Triathlon - cover image

Royal Windsor Triathlon

  17 June 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Richard Berke wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star empty-star 2.9

Windsor is a beautiful place to race; the swim is great (surprisingly warm and clear with a helpful current, the ride is pretty flat and quite beautiful in parts and the run is challenging with some steep hills but location is incredible as is the support lining the track.

All of the above should lead to this being a 5* rating but alas not as the overall organisation was really not what you would have expected for such an established race.

Firstly my race pack never arrived so I had to get there extra early to pick up in time (not ideal with a 6:50am wave start). There wasn't really anywhere to safely leave a bag, nowhere near enough toilets and nowhere to change (before or after the race)

The swim is great (very easy and well marked) and transition to the bike is pretty smooth. Bike course not  nearly as well marked and marshalled as it could have been; I had several people ride alongside me for directions and got lost myself at one point as a critical junction was un marshalled at the time with only a tiny sign (resulted in quite a bit of time wasted). The roads are decent condition and you can keep a pretty good average speed up but they are open to traffic and if in a later wave can get a little busy - you will get stuck behind the odd truck at points.

Transition to run again smooth and the run is a joy (even if it is a lapped route) as you have the Castle, the park and great crowds to keep you going; you will need it as have to do some serious uphill work. Only downside to the run were the water stations; the crew were lovely but the water was in plastic cups which are pretty impossible to drink from without breaking pace.

Windsor is a good place to get a PB if you don't get lost or stuck behind a tractor and it is well worth doing but go prepared; know the route, don't rely on the marshalls and remember to take your own loo roll!


2 years ago