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OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO

profile-avatar-thumbnail Donna Laycock wrote:
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Information pre-race was mediocre. The lady I collected my bib and goody bag from could have afforded a smile. The goody bag could have included some goodys... it consisted of a sponsor branded cap, a pen, a t-shirt and about 7 leaflets. There were no pacers on the day and the half, 10k and 5k were herded into the start line at the same time. I'm under no illusion that this was for the organisers to get photographs but felt a tad sorry for the 10 and 5k runners who, like the half marathon runners had been informed to arrive at 7 for a start time of 09:30 - of course they were never going to set off at 09:30. The visuals were interesting in that when you are at the start line the banner said FINISH so when you ran towards the finish line it looks like you are running to the START. Drinks stations were in abundance from 3k to around 7k then disappeared until around the 12k point. The marshals seemed to be all police who looked very miserable without exception. The roads were the busiest closed roads I have ever come across, I stopped counting how many cars - tourist and local were on the roads within an hour of the half marathon beginning. The finish line was fairly lacklustre, there were a lot of supporters but they were hidden by 6-7 foot barriers so it was difficult to feel any kind of atmosphere when you normally do. Beyond the finish line I was approached by a medic who checked if I needed assistance, this was probably the most efficient part of the day for me. Three days have passed since the run and they still havent managed to publish correct results (including winners) and there hasnt yet been a link to any race day photos. All in all this run really wasnt organised very well. I have spent quite a lot of time in Cyprus so I had lowered my expectations significantly which has stood me in good stead. The fee is high considering what you get in return, I have paid less for much better races in the UK but if you are training for London the timing works well as your last long run before taper and you get to test yourself in the heat (you know, incase we have a freak sunny day for the London marathon!) :-).

4 years ago