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The Breckland Forest Marathon - cover image

The Breckland Forest Marathon

profile-avatar-thumbnail Ben Cons wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.7

The race took place on the hottest day of the year so far! A winter of training in horrible weather left me dramatically unprepared for the heat but luckily it was my first race representing #visorclub and the visor was very much appreciated.

The start location had plenty of loos for the number of racers and registration was very quick. A short race briefing (watch out for snakes and deer!) and we were off. The route took us along the Little Ouse through Thetford until CP2 (turn around for the half marathon) when we went off into Thetford forest for 3-4miles and then back along the river into Brandon and the turn around point. 

The course was great with lovely running along the side of the river and through the forest although a number of people got lost (myself included!). Most of the people who got lost missed a turn off which wasn't marked (luckily I got to it as someone was retracing their steps having run a mile out of their way!). I managed to get lost at about 21 miles making the decision to turn right when the route carried straight ahead (no idea why, probably the heat!) so added a mile onto my total.

The checkpoints (7 in total) were stocked with fruit, crisps, sweets and gels as well as lots of water, squash and coke. I couldn't face much in the way of food (I only had some carrot sticks at mile 20!) but there was plenty of fluids on offer which was important given the heat.

At the finish there was a big medal and more water waiting for me as well as my four year old cheering me over the line as he had commandeered the PA system for the finish!

A great day even if it was longer than planned and much slower than hoped for! I'll be back next year to make sure I do a better job next time!

2 years ago