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Palace Half Marathon - cover image

Palace Half Marathon

  18 March 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Abby Davies wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star 3.9

Probably one of the coldest days of the years for this race, but of course that wasn't an issue regarding organisation.

I felt that the pre-information was pretty poor, given the unprecidented weather conditions and vast amount of race cancellations in London and across the country. Whilst other races were providing daily information it made me feel quite uneasy that we didn't hear very much from the organisers. 

Course was great, along the towpath - although I had a fall other runners were really helpful and if I required any medial assistance it was either 1.5 miles ahead or 1.5 miles behind, I didn't see a 'medical bike/support bike' until the final two miles. Apart from that the course was really good and the start and finish areas were very pretty - I just wish it had been a sunny spring day to really feel the full benefit of Hampton Court Palace and the grounds. There were also so fantastic bands across the towpath which really improved the experience. Plenty of marshals/traffic control once we were off the tow path and on the main roads. 

Great medal and was nice to see an appearance from King Henry! Goody bag was also filled with snacks and a t-shirt. 

Full 'how my race went' review will be live on https://https://runningabby.wordpress.com soon!

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