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Brass Monkey 10k - cover image

Brass Monkey 10k

  28 January 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Abby Davies wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.3

The annual event ran by Lakeland's Hospice in Corby is a local favourite. A fast, flat course around Rockingham Motor Speedway it's a good course for a New Year PB.

This was my third year of taking part and for the first time I'd decided to be organised and sign up online ahead of the event. At £13 an entry (affiliated) you can't really go wrong. 

Picked up my race number - 106 and to pick up a finishers t-shirt. Different picking up my finishers t-shirt before I got to the start but then again it saves the queues at the end. This is the first time I've known them to do t-shirts so this was a nice touch.

There is a bit of walk to the starting area so a great way to warm up the legs.We were ushered to walk a little faster .. time was getting on. We found our places and waited to be sent on our way. The weather conditions for the Brass Monkey are well-known - it's usually cold, windy and raining. This year was a pleasant surprise 10-12 degrees c and sun beaming over half of the track. I opted to start in gloves which would come off pretty sharpish. We were off, it was a busy year so the first half a mile was a case of zig-zagging through people to 'find my pace'. Once found I headed to the track line - the flattest part of the motor circuit thinking that this would make me most comfortable. First mile - fast 8.56, that wasn't going to last long. 2nd lap begun I was feeling good, a quick of water and into what was possibly the nicest part of the course. Shade, no wind. Round I plodded along to the worst part of the course. So much wind that I contemplated walking thinking it might have been quicker! Between miles 5 and 6 the wind must have been at its worst - 10.27 (though that is my average pace so not as bad as it sounds). I plodded on though and finally completed the fourth lap where I made my way down the pit stop area to reach the finish line.

I 'officially' according to my Garmin/Strava cross the 10K mark at 1.00.04 though the course was a little longer so my official finish time was 01.01.38. A PB whichever way I look at it, for the course and the distance.

Crossing the finish line we were handed our medals, pretty basic though this didn't bother me. I heard some comments regarding the medals and that they weren't what people were expecting and also read this on a few running forums I follow on Facebook. This didn't bother me however it was a nice surprise to receive an email that advised we would be receiving the 'proper' medals at a later date due to a hold up at customs. SO we have a nice surprise to come in a few weeks time! Overall a good race early in the season that doesn’t have any particular undulating parts. It’s well supported and proceeds go to a local charity. I wouldn’t not do it again and it’s likely I’ll be back next year. Thanks to the organisers and volunteers.

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