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The Crowborough 10k \u0026 5k - cover image

The Crowborough 10k & 5k

profile-avatar-thumbnail Robert Browning wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star empty-star 3.6

This is my hometown race and the second time I've run it this year. 

It's 2 laps on a semi-closed road route with a small ford to run over (or a bypass bridge if a little water scares you!) and a pig of a hill to tackle toward the middle of each lap.

The race takes place on the edge of the town; the first part of the lap is all downhill, and a generous downhill at that where you can pick up some real speed. Unfortunately this part of the route isn't closed to traffic, and it's a fairly busy road too. Last year runners tended to stay single or double breasted, this year I noticed runners took up almost the whole lane going down the hill, despite cars trying to get past on the way down. It is mostly paved, and the bits that aren't are very well marshalled to protect you from the traffic, but you do wonder if this is something the organisers can look into for future races (the problem I suspect is that this is a main route into the town).

Once the downhill section is out of the way you then approach Palesgate Lane and the dreaded hill. Cross the small ford and what follows is about 1k of tough incline, followed by maybe another 1k of gentler incline/flattish road, all closed to traffic. This is the hardest bit of the route, worse still knowing you have to do it all again!

The last third of the lap is slightly undulating, again on closed roads, back to the top of the hill where all the downhill fun can begin for the 2nd lap!

I think overall the race has potential for some very fast times if you can get ahead of the pack for the downhill part and can cope with short steep hills. The support along the route is minimal, mainly around the school at the finish of the route/halfway point, and it's not particularly scenic either; you pass the train station, a football pitch and a few houses, that's all really.

Registration is easy, you just pick your race number up on the day from the school hall which is race HQ; they have baggage storage, massage, a store selling a wide variety of sporting goods, and tea/coffee/cake selections.

Overall a really well run local race, but I think they should address the open road down Crowborough Hill, even if it means changing the route. One thing I notice another reviewer note; the race HQ is about a 5-10 minute walk from the race finish, so if you need to go back and get your bag be prepared for some steps and a bit of a trek!

2 years ago