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White Rose Ultra - cover image

White Rose Ultra

profile-avatar-thumbnail Chris Randall wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star 3.8

The parking area looked massive on the map but soon runs out so get there early or be prepared for a mad dash round the local streets for a spot! 10 minutes walk to the start is easy and signposted, registration straight forward. Good to have use of the visitor centre for toilets and warmth but gets very overcrowded. I remember the start being a couple of miles of slow incline with decent scenery , nothing too tough. Much of the course is tarmac lanes, farm track and grassy track which I thought was a great mix. Only a few aid stations and basic, I would recommend being self sufficient. The hills are all bearable nothing too bad, but the very last one within a mile of the finish is a proper bastard when you’re dead on your feet. About a 20% gradient for about 500m roughly. Thankfully once over the top you can spring down to the finish. Shame the medal is generic, but you get a base tech shirt thrown in too

2 years ago