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Nottingham Christmas Marathon - cover image

Nottingham Christmas Marathon

profile-avatar-thumbnail Dave Isherwood wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star empty-star 3.2

A mixed bag. 

Race registration is easy enough, my only issue is having to collect race numbers on the day. It adds another thing to think about on an already nervous brain.

One thing a race needs is plenty of toilets, this one has very few, only the ones in the buildings. 

Race briefing was minimal, just information on a website. A little misleading. 

Start was ok, for the marathon a 5 min walk, fine. Although the 1/2 was a much longer trek. 

Feed stations we're decent, water, electrolyte water, gels, cakes, sweets. One station positioned on the lap. 

Ive never ran a lapped race before, quite enjoyed recognising the stewards and other runners. 

Goody bag was dissapoinnting - there wasn't one. The medal was the same from a 1 mile run too the marathon. No bag of tshirts chocolate and drinks. Had to ask the lady for a extra bottle of water at the end.

and the car park, probably no ones fault but no end of cars got stuck causing for a bit of pre race anger.

all in all I think the price was a little over the top for what it is. That being said I'd probably do it again. 

3 years ago

Organiser Replied:

Thanks for review, we have listened to all feedback and made some positive changes for 2018.