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Off-Road Running

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Pine Challenge

Big Bear Events



Rosliston Forestry Centre, Burton Rd, Rosliston, Swadlincote, DE12 8JX, United Kingdom

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Distance Date
6.00 Hours (ht) ?



Sept. 15, 2020


How far is the race? You decide! The 3.5-mile off-road loop means your race can be just over 5k or even over 50k and anywhere in between. You decide how many laps you're going to do on the day within the 6-hour time limit. If you're looking to cover a marathon distance you'll need to complete 8 laps (28 miles) and a half marathon will be 9 laps (31.5 miles). Entry information ​No entries on the day There is a strict entry limit. Once the event gets down to the last places we'll endeavor to make people aware through social media and emails (join the mailing list here). Once the event is full a waiting list will be created. This will be available through the normal entry site. You do have to pay to park (£3.00 at the time of writing). This money goes directly to the Forestry Commission, it's a great space that needs money and this is their main revenue stream. That said, be a hero and car share, save money and the world! Course map The course route can be found here. Course description The course explores many parts of Rosliston Forestry Centre that are normally untouched, even by regular visitors. There is a small section of a around 100m on a concrete path but the rest is either on crushed stone path, untouched forest pathways or very muddy ones (look at the photos!). Trail shoes are strongly advised (you'd be crazy to do it in road shoes!), regardless of the weather the chances of the ground not being heavily waterlogged in places is slim! Each lap has around 170ft of elevation, it wouldn't be described as hilly but each lap ends with a steep climb - sorry! However the marathon is around 1360ft, you'll know that at the end. Is the event cupless? Yes. Please read our page on cupless events if you haven't experienced it before. It's obviously good for the environment to reduce plastic use and general waste. Yes, you wont break a world record having to stop to fill a bottle of water or carry a hydration pack but over a marathon distance it would probably add less than a minute to your time. We will have water, isotonic drinks, tea and coffee and real Coca Cola for you, but to be clear - we wont supply disposable cups for drinks. If you'd like to purchase a foldable cup you can purchase one with your entry, on our merchandise page or at any of our events. Why is it called the Pine Challenge? Why not!? Rosliston has many Pine trees and is part of our Forest Series across the National Forest at varying Forestry Commission sites. If you'd like to take part in the Forest Series go to the Forest Series page. Directions There is a map at the bottom of the page, Permission Permission for this event has been obtained from the Forestry Commission

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