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Road Running

Guildford 10k - cover image

Guildford 10k

aat events LTD



Guildford high street, Guildford, GU1 3AA, United Kingdom


Open for Registration

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Distance Date Price
5km TeamPink ?



Oct. 13, 2019 from £28.00
5km TeamTurquoise ?



Oct. 13, 2019 from £28.00
5km TeamOrange ?



Oct. 13, 2019 from £28.00
10km TeamPink ?



Oct. 13, 2019 from £33.00
10km TeamOrange ?



Oct. 13, 2019 from £33.00
10km TeamTurquoise ?



Oct. 13, 2019 from £33.00


Guildford's largest 10km running event will take place on 13 October. Starting from Guildford High Street, participants will race along closed roads towards Clandon and back.

🏅Huge medals


🚗Road Closures

📸 Photography

and more!

We are very excited to partner up with racecheck to transform race participation into a more social experience. Together, we aim to give all runners the opportunity to meet a new running friend from the moment they enter the Guildford 10k on 13 October. Not everyone has a running buddy (yet), but by offering runners the chance to join a team community, everyone has the opportunity to meet new (and probably local!) people.

If you're already one of the hundreds of runners who have already signed up for this exciting new road run, you will have already chosen your "racecheck team". So what does this mean?

All Guildford 10k participants will receive a complimentary headwrap (buff) which reflects a racecheck team colour. During online registration, runners are invited to join either #TeamPink, #TeamOrange or #TeamTurquoise. Invite your friends to join the same team as you, or challenge your colleagues to race against you in a different team - you decide what you want to get out of being a racecheck team member!

If you follow @racecheck and @aatevents on social media*, you can "e-meet" other Guildford 10k participants who will be representing their teams using their team hashtags: #TeamPink, #TeamOrange or #TeamTurquoise. Motivate each other, encourage others to join your team and share your training stories. We recommend that you download the racecheck IOS app to receive racecheck team updates.

On race day, the colour-coded buffs will help you to easily identify other people in the pack who are running in your team- so in the spirit of encouraging others, why not make the effort to give them an extra cheer if you see them in the pack?

Those who thrive on the competitive aspect of running as part of a team will enjoy the racecheck team results table. Who will be the winning team- #TeamPink, #TeamOrange or #TeamTurquoise?


The Train Station in Guildfprd is a 10-minute walk from the Event Village at the top of Guildford High Street. The trains run regularly from London and other major stations.


There is plenty of parking in Guildford Town Centre. Parking charges may apply.


A free bag drop service will be available. Please tear off the baggage tag from your race number and attach it to your bag.


Out and back from Guildford historic cobbled high street. 10km turn point at Clandon A25 junction near Merrow.


There is a professional team provided by Team Medic.


Chip timing with DBMax timing.


There are lots of temporary toilets available.


There will be a water station on route and at the finish line.


Complimentary refreshments will be provided for all participants at the finish line.

Course & Event Features

RUN feature-icon Mostly Flat
feature-icon Spectator Friendly


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Organiser Updates

aat events LTD

Posted 4 days ago

Why wait until race day to get your Racecheck team buff and race number? They can both be collected from Field of Fitness (16-19 Chapel Street, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3UL) at the following times. Monday 7th October- Friday 11th October 13:00 - 19:00. Saturday 12th October 09:00 - 13:00. #teamturquoise #teamorange #teampink

aat events LTD

Posted 3 weeks ago

It is officially 6 weeks to go until we see you on the start line, and we have just reached 1000 speedy runners 😲 The big question is, which team will come away with the combined fastest time and be crowned the inaugural Guildford 10K winning Racecheck team? 🏆Tell us why your team is going to win @allabouttri #TeamOrange #TeamTurquoise #TeamPink

aat events LTD

Posted 1 month ago

Hello Guildford 10K runners! All team members of the winning Racecheck team will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win loads of exciting prizes. 🏆 Will it be #TeamPink, #TeamOranage or #TeamTurquoise? Current prize list: Free entry to Surrey Half Marathon (any distance) 🏃‍♀️🏃 Free entry to Guildford 10k 2020 (any distance) 🏃‍♀️🏃 Free entry to Guildford Triathlon 2020 (any event) 🏊🚴🏃 Guildford Escape Room experience ✨ TRIBE Booster Nutrition pack (15 bars, 3 hydrate, 3 shakes) 🍫 Garmin Forerunner Watch from Just Cables and Accessories LTD ⌚ Fitstuff Prizes 👟 What other prizes would you like to see on the list? Tweet us @allabouttri and use #guildford10k. Remember, the more prizes we have, the better your chance of winning one if your team wins 👆

aat events LTD

Posted 2 months ago

Hello Guildford 10k runners! As race-day is gradually getting closer we want to know if you are #teamorange #teampink or #teamturquoise. Let us know on twitter, facebook or instagram and get your friends to join your team (or an opposing team🤔). Remember, it's the quickest combined time that will be the overall winners! #TeamOrange is led by Cat, #Team Pink is led by Becs and #TeamTurquoise is led by Carmel. Copy the link to learn more about the team leaders http://bit.ly/g10ktlead . Look out for the Racecheck flags on the High Street and meet your teammates and team leaders before the race! There is a big opportunity to gain your PB on this course so best of luck to all participants 😁

aat events LTD

Posted 3 months ago

All participants will receive a complimentary headwrap (buff) which reflects 1 of 3 racecheck team colours. The aim of the game is for your team to get the lowest collective finish time. Which team will you join? #TeamOrange Field of Fitness members are entering #TeamOrange. Many of them are already training for the race at FOF's members-only run club. 💪 #TeamPink The Porsche Centre Guildford team are raring to go in #TeamPink - which is surely set to be a speedy team. 👊 #TeamTurqouise Harrison’s Fund will be entering their team of fundraisers into #TeamTurqouise - you’re sure to get plenty of cheers! 👏 Meet others in your team on social media via #TeamOrange, #TeamPink and #TeamTurquoise hashtags, and on race day by your team flags near the start line. Invite your friends to join the same team as you, or challenge your colleagues to race against you in a different team – you decide what you want to get out of being a racecheck team member.

aat events LTD

Posted 5 months ago

Hello Guildford10k runners! We hope you're looking forward to the event on 13 October. Come along to Field of Fitness this Saturday 27 April for some FREE 1-on-1 assistance with your training. Pre-book your slot at: https://fieldoffitness.com/guildford-10k/ It will be a great opportunity to meet their knowledgable team, check out their studio and enjoy either of these services for free... 🏋Full Body Composition Analysis - 10mins. Using their InBody machine, you can find out so much more than just your total weight - including your muscle mass and body fat % (yikes!). You'll receive a full print-out of your results which you can discuss with one of their professional coaches. 🏃Functional Movement Screening - 10mins. One of their coaches will guide you through some movements to identify any imbalances in your mobility which could affect your running or cause injury. They can then offer you personalised corrective strength/flexibility exercises.

Accommodation Near The Start Line

A good night’s sleep is essential to achieving your optimal performance on race day. We’ve collected the best accommodation options near the venue which you can view and book using the map below (no added price premium by Racecheck).