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Dark Horse 10km \u0026 5km - cover image

Dark Horse 10km & 5km

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Ranger Wood, Bath, BA1 9BZ, United Kingdom


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Distance Date
5 km ?



Feb. 8, 2020
10 km ?



Feb. 9, 2020


The Dark Horse is a fun, spooky night run around the top of the Cotswold Hills. A largely flat run (honestly is!), the route takes in a ghostly sculpture garden and offers amazing long reaching views over the Bristol Skyline. There is a 5km and 10km route option. You may notice the venue is the same as the Pipley Wood Mud Bath, but the route is completely different - no muddy woodland hills on the Dark Horse route. The Dark Horse is much flatter, not focused on the mud, though being Feb there will doubtless be a bit around the course.

This is very beginner friendly event, and as always all abilities are welcome. We will mark out the course with glow in the dark arrows, reflective paint sprayed on the ground and glow sticks to illuminate the way. All runners will need to provide their own torch (head or chest) to follow the markers. No head or chest torch - no run.

Warm yourself after the race with our post event bonfire and treat yourself to a pintof Bath ale's finest and a delicious hog roast for just £5! There are veggie, gluten free and soft drink options, please indicate on your entry form if you would like one of these options. Spectators can also order a hog roast in advance at £8 per head with beer, £6 per head with soft drink, please add to your entry form when you register. 

We have toilets and changing tents at the venue. We would recommend bring a change of clothes for after the race, or extra clothes to put on top of your running ki

Course & Event Features

RUN feature-icon Mostly Flat
feature-icon Post Event Food and Refreshments
feature-icon Spectator Friendly
feature-icon Suitable for beginners
feature-icon Family Entertainment


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Accommodation Near The Start Line

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