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Britain\u0027s Bravest Military Challenge \u002D Manchester Heaton Park - cover image

Britain's Bravest Military Challenge - Manchester Heaton Park




Manchester Heaton Park, Prestwich, M25 0DL, United Kingdom


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1-2 km ?



Sept. 28, 2019 from £10.00


Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) has joined forces with Be Military Fit (BMF) and Bear Grylls to to create the most authentic military experience possible. Britain’s Bravest Military Challenge is a mass participation event which will take place at 20 locations around the UK on Saturday 28 September 2019. This is an event like no other, it will push you to be the best you can be! This authentic and immersive military experience has been designed by military leaders. You’ll simulate the move into battle, carrying equipment and moving in teams with a 1-2 km run to the main exercise area. Then the rigours of battle will be simulated with a high intensity military circuit, including shuttle runs, casualty carries and equipment carries. Finally, a rapid move away from the battle area will incorporate a casualty evacuation, a team focused element with stretcher carries and log runs. For all levels of abilities. Enter as a group or as an individual. Each recruit is asked to raise just £100 to celebrate 100 years of RBLI, which will go toward supporting our most vulnerable veterans.
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