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The Racecheck Awards: our favourite running, swimming and triathlon races in the UK today

17 January 2018

There are so many running races to choose from nowadays. 

This isn't a complaint at all: we welcome the variety and the creativity that comes with it. The Racecheck Awards exist to highlight the best races in the UK at the moment, judged 100% by actual race participants.

We award Racecheck rosettes to the top five UK races for Road Running, Off Road Running and Triathlons. We also recognise the top UK Duathlon, and have introduced a new category for top Swimming Event.


Which races qualify?

Any race can qualify for the awards as long as it is listed on Racecheck and receives at least 10 reviews in that calendar year. There are a lot of races to choose from: we host over 12,000 events in our race calendar!


Who are the judges?

As we said, the races are judged entirely by people who have previously competed.

In our opinion, only race participants can really know how good an event was. They have been through the whole process, from registration, to organiser email updates, to crossing the finish line.

We feel this is the only way that truly great events can be recognised and that smaller or less well-known events get a chance to make the “podium”. This in turn presents athletes with new race alternatives that they may never have heard of and keeps their race calendar fresh and interesting.

So, when you're finding your next race, bear these in mind:


The Racecheck Award winners, AKA the best races in the UK

UK Road Running winners

These events best capture the thrill of a road race. They vary in distance, from the humble 10k to the Marathon and beyond. The winner wouldn't be a bad first 10k for runners looking to transition upward from 5k to this distance.

  1. DH Runners River Run 10k rated 4.94/5
  2. The Madness of King George rated 4.93/5
  3. Brooks Snowdonia Marathon Eryri rated 4.79/5
  4. Shrewsbury Half Marathon rated 4.78/5
  5. Wilmslow 10k rated 4.77/5

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UK Off Road Running winners

If you're looking to run off road, these races are well worth a look. Slipping on your fell running shoes and heading off of the tarmac brings a whole different feel to running, and we heartily recommend it. 

  1. The RAT Roseland August Trail rated 4.96/5
  2. 3:10 to St Ives rated 4.94/5
  3. Manvers Dusk Till Dawn rated 4.937/5
  4. Fitstuff G3 Race 3 rated 4.932/5
  5. Harder Than Snails rated 4.92/5

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UK Triathlon winners

Running, swimming and cycling: the perfect combination? If you're a budding triathlete these events will be for you, or if you're looking to transition from running to triathlon, they may provide inspirational starting points.

  1. Eastbourne Triathlon rated 4.94/5
  2. The Lakesman rated 4.93/5
  3. Stradbroke Triathlon rated 4.89/
  4. Deva Triathlon rated 4.87/
  5. Castle Triathlon-Caerhays Estate rated 4.86/5

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Best UK Duathlon 

If you don't fancy swimming, a Duathlon might be the event for you.

  1. Killerton Duathlonrated 4.66/5

More Duathlons to discover


Best UK Swimming 

Heading into the water opens up a whole new suite of races for you to take part in. 

  1. Thames Marathon rated 4.94/5

More Swimming races to discover


We hope these awards inspire you when looking for your next challenge, whether it be a running race, a cycling race, a swimming race, or some combination of the three. 

Thank you to all athletes who shared their race experience by posting a race review and to all organisers who believe in Racecheck and want to make their events the best they can possibly be.



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