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Racecheck - Meet the Racers behind the Reviews

4 June 2018

Meet the racers – who’s behind the reviews?


When it comes to something as subjective as which race to enter, it’s often difficult to take one person’s opinions as gospel – especially when there are mountains of reviews, sometimes saying very different things. It all comes down to trust, and while some reviewers and review sites may seem untrustworthy, it doesn’t get more honest – sometimes brutally so – than a community of like-minded athletes, sharing their opinions to help one another find great races. To shine a bit more light on our community, we decided we should get to know our review writers a bit better. 

Despite what you may think, the reviewers on Racecheck are not seasoned, media-savvy reviewers, nor are they World or Olympic champions, they are simply people like you and me: athletes that live for the thrill of racing. 

None claim to be grizzled veterans or experts on any particular type of event, but their opinions give the benefit of a fresh, first-hand review, perfect for athletes also looking to enter a race for the first time. 

Colin has written more than 50 reviews on Racecheck, but explains, “I certainly don't consider myself an expert, but having done almost 120 races in three years, I’d like to think that I can advise on the good from the bad.” 

While Michelle, a runner and race organiser, agrees and adds, “I have been running and taking part in events – as well as organising some – for 16 years but I don’t think there is such thing as an expert; I guess I have plenty of experience though.”


You don’t need to be an expert to write your own first review either. Many of our users can’t help but join the conversation as they browse the website for new and exciting events to enter.Colin described how he came to write his first review, “I was looking at the website for race options, read a review and thought I’d add my own opinion.” 

By using a simple interface for each race event, even the least web-inclined of users can find their way to the review sections. Darren, one of our most prolific reviewers, says it was all pretty straightforward, “I used to just go to another site for reviews, but Racecheck is easier to use – plus I can remember my password for Racecheck!”


Not all our reviewers come to us intending to leave their own opinions. Michelle explains how she found her way to Racecheck.

“I think I first registered as an organiser, to list my race on there so that others could leave reviews for that event. I only left my first review after I ran the Rockingham 10k.

“I like people's honesty on there - it's full of reviews from all kinds of runners. I also love the Racecheck community as a whole, its members are very supportive and it's always nice to spot a Racecheck visor when at races, and say hello to whoever's wearing it.”


The Racecheck website is ultimately a platform for the racing community to share their experiences and support fellow athletes in their endeavours. Michelle praises the reviewers’ honesty and the community-feel on the site, whileColinvalues the site’s power as an event finder, “The race search option has proved very helpful, listing many races all in one place.”

Eager to post your first review, plan your racing calendar, or possibly even organise your own event? Then join the conversationnow and become part of an ever-growing, race-driven community. 

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