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Planning and training for your best racing season yet

7 December 2018


Planning and training for your best racing season yet


Looking ahead to your target events in 2019 can be a little daunting, and they can feel a long way off with a seemingly interminable winter of training ahead. But with some planning and a goal-focused schedule you can give yourself the best chance of next season being your best yet.


Training goals and personal milestones


Whether it’s a local marathon in June or a championship triathlon in September, a key part of a successful training plan is identifying goals and the steps required to achieve them. This can cover warm-up events as well as your day-to-day training regime. By having individual milestones you will be able to structure your program, but remember to make them SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. 


It’s also a good idea to look back on previous seasons to identify what worked, and importantly what didn’t. This might cover nutrition regimes, bike set-up and sleep patterns right through to what trainers you wore or how long prior to the event you signed in at HQ. By eliminating past mistakes you can ensure you give yourself the best opportunity of success going forward. If you’ve used Racecheck all season and tagged your upcoming and completed events into your race calendar, you’ll have a record of your entries – and this makes a great memory aid when it comes recalling successes throughout the season.


The Racecheck community


We reached out to members of the Racecheck community and received some fantastic training tips that made a huge impact to them. Facebook user Daniel Sims has some really great advice, applicable to all levels of athlete, advising, “Don’t just focus on the actual half marathon. Short and sharp exercises like hill reps and sprints will pay dividends if repeated often enough.


“Don't be afraid to mix it up and run some trails, hills,” Daniel continues. “My best piece of advice, ‘Listen to your body’. If you’re tired don’t train, never be afraid to rest as rest is what makes you a stronger runner.”


It can be tempting at this point in the year to put your name down for loads of events, but  Michelle Mortimer has an excellent recommendation. “Top tip would be choose your races carefully. Many people race too often instead of focusing on one or two key races each season and can often burn out.” 


How Racecheck can help you


Racecheck can help optimise your training and planning for upcoming events. The clever filters on the website can help you identify well-reviewed events, close to where you are and of the right length or course type.


Checking out what other users had to say about the event from previous years before you sign up is a great indicator of whether the race will help you achieve your personal season’s goals. You wouldn’t book a hotel room without reading reviews, and doing the same with key races and events will give you the best possible experience for your 2019 season. 


We can even give you accommodation tips for events further afield, taking your season planning to the next level.


It’s a simple but incredibly effective way of placing everything you need in your hand, building a calendar of build-up events and leaving you to focus on the important stuff. 


The new Racecheck app


We like to think the Racecheck app takes your season-planning experience to the next level. Once you’ve signed up for an event you’ll be notified of any news from the organisers and other information you might need. You can be sure you stay up to date, and by following your races you’ll get notified about last minute entry deals, updates, and announcements. Should an event need to be postponed, or re-scheduled, you’ll be the first to know.


It’s really easy to search for and sign up to events on the app in just a couple of clicks Specifying your sport, distance, date and location, you are able sort results by those closest to you and by real participant ratings. Looking for a specific type of course?

We are gradually introducing search for that, too. The reviews on the app are easy to access and simple to navigate – you can filter by relevance to make sure you get the best insights to events that matter to you.


If any of your friends in the Racecheck community enter an event you’ll also be notified. Despite the name of the seminal running movie, we don’t think racing should be lonely. Follow your fellow participants and get notified of friends’ activities, including race calendars, finish times, and reviews. Crowdsource your racing experience and register for races on the fly.


The Racecheck community is an amazing, inspiring group of like-minded athletes, all of them ready to share their experiences and tips. With over 10,000 of us already connected on Twitter, and plenty more on Facebook and Instagram, we’d love you to join us. We’ll see you on the road.




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