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Racecheck Stories

A collection of motivational, informative and inspirational stories from the Racecheck Medium page.

Racecheck launches new advertising campaign to help athletes ‘Book Better Races’

To support our new advertising campaign we have looked at the most common aspects athletes love and hate about events based on real participant reviews. The advertising campaign entitled ‘Book Better Races’ includes short videos that highlight var...

Beautiful, unique, epic, challenge

Beautiful, unique, epic and challenge are the four words the Race Director would choose to describe the Patagonman XTri, a full iron distance hosted in Chile on Sunday 1st December 2019. Racecheck’s co-founder and CEO, Alex Tanti, will be one of o...

Endurance Industry first from Racecheck: Event Organisers Day Out

More than 60 event organisers attended the inaugural Racecheck Race Organisers Day Out last week. The innovative, first-of-its-kind conference in London brought together leading lights from the endurance sports industry to share their insights, cr...

Racecheck reveals the best 2018 endurance events as voted by participating athletes

Today, we are proud to present 22 endurance events with a 2018 Racecheck Award, these events have been selected as the most high performing experiences across the UK, as voted for by athletes.