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Racecheck Stories

A collection of motivational, informative and inspirational stories from the Racecheck Medium page.

The race is on to qualify for a 2019 athlete-rated event award

With just ten days to go until the award deadline, organisers are rallying together final reviews from their participating athletes for their 2019 events.

Direct correlation found between high rated events and bookings

Did you organise a sporting event that you are proud of in 2019? If so, now is the time to get the kudos it deserves by rallying reviews and ratings from participating athletes.

2019 top rated events .. so far!

What races did athletes absolutely love taking part in 2019? We can now reveal that there are 28 races who ticked all the boxes and have so far qualified for a 2019 Racecheck Athlete-Rated Award as rated by you!

Events race to the finishing line to achieve a 2019 athlete-rated award

Has your event made the cut this year? Has your race crossed the finishing line with a cheering crowd and praise? If yes, you deserve peer endorsement and recommendatiion from participating athletes helping grow your numbers and reputation.

Meet Andy Hully, Race Director of the MK Marathon, and winner of three Racecheck athlete-rated event awards in 2018

Andy Hully, is the award winning Race Director and Organiser of the MK Marathon Weekend, which was founded back in 2010. Now in it’s 9th year (returning 3rd May 2020) the race has gone from strength to strength, including Rightmove as a title spon...

Claire’s story: from wheelchair to running marathons

During my second pregnancy in 2014 / 2015 I suffered really badly with lower back pain and severe pain on my outer right shin. Physios whilst I was pregnant put it down to Pelvic Girdle Pain and said it would get better after birth. It didn’t get ...

Ray’s story: since beating alcoholism I have had PBs in life, and running!

I got into the Racecheck #visorclub in June 2017; I was one of the lucky ones whom submitted a few reviews and my name was pulled out of the hat. As soon as I learnt about the #visorclub on Twitter I knew I wanted to be part of it.

Racecheck Call on Event Organisers to Encourage Awards and Reviews

As we fast approach award season, Listing, Review and Athlete Community Platform, Racecheck, is promoting the benefit of reviews and athlete-rated awards in driving revenue. The review platform is also creating incentive packages for event organis...