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North Wiltshire Sportive - cover image

North Wiltshire Sportive

  8 July 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Triathlon Matt wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star 4.1

I've done quite a few of the LPS Events triathlons over the years and jumped at the chance of doing a sportive with them.

The event started at the picturesque Lake 62 which was a really nice setting to start the ride from. Registration was handled smoothly with a bike number and timing chip.

The event briefing was a standard overview before you headed out in the usual sportive grouped starts. Once onto the course I gave kudos to LPS Events for using bright pink signs for the main route. These seemed to stand out a bit more than the usual bright yellow ones that I seem more used to.

Out on the course the scenery was great and all going well. Until i came to a t-junction with no sign! Sadly there had been some tampering on the course beyond the control of LPS Events. I took a chance on a left hand turn and thankfully saw some riders ahead that had the GPS file on their Garmin. Once we got to the half way feed station LPS Events got straight on it to try and resolve for the other riders - so well handled by the organiser.

Back on course there was one last missing sign in the last couple of miles. Thankfully this was on the reverse of the start of the route so it was easy to navigate back to Lake 62.

I've had to mark the ease of navigation down to two stars for these hiccups. It's a shame because they were resolved as quickly as possible and out of the organisers control. As a tip I'd recommend using a GPS file for the future events just in case.

Once back to the finish area there was a really great medal and a branded buff for the finishers.

Overall the route was very pretty with only a few short (and one steep!) climbs so suitable for beginners and those wanting to hold a fast average speed.

You can also check out my YouTube overview on the event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l04RoCXYjr8

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