Racecheck for Organisers

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Race reviews that participants trust, right on your website

Drive more entries on your website and protect your search engine positioning using one of the most powerful tools out there, an independent review widget showcasing real participant reviews.

Beautifully and discreetly presented on desktop and mobile.

"Racecheck reviews and the subsequent award helped us grow the event by 50% the next year."

Andrea Avena

Commando Series Marketing Manager

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Finally, race reviews attracting visitors to YOUR website, not someone else's


61% of all consumers read online reviews before purchasing and 92% have difficulty purchasing with no review. Why risk it? (Source: Trustpilot)


With over 5000 reviewed events and counting, there is no better source for genuine feedback that thousands of athletes already rely on.


By using the Racecheck Widget, rich information (shown below) will be displayed alongside your website listing in Google search results.


With options for a single race, multiple races, autoplay and much more, the Racecheck Widget will work for you.

Get a dynamic star rating and important event information directly on your Google listing.

Disclaimer: The time it takes Google to display your rating may vary depending on their latest policy, and your website's content and structure.

Trusted by organisers big and small

Hear from a handful of the event organisers who already benefit from Racecheck's services.

“Racecheck reviews help us to showcase swimmers’ opinions to those that have yet to experience a Henley Swim for themselves is an incredibly useful tool – choosing an event can be a huge decision and a short sentence or reassurance in a review could be the thing to tip the balance.”

Juliet Hulme

Henley Swim Race Director

“We use Racecheck reviews as a stamp of approval. In a really crowded environment something this simple might make a competitor choose to enter my event over another.”

Paul Albon

Big Bear Events Race Director

“Racecheck reviews help us to understand if we need to make any changes or improvements to our events. Every year we come up with a list that we work from, making small improvements wherever we can.”

Andy Hully

MK Marathon Weekend Founder & Race Director

“Racecheck helps us by facilitating entirely honest and independently managed — warts and all — feedback about how good or how bad an event actually is. With no marketing gloss, it’s increasingly evident that runners appreciate seeing honest feedback from other runners.”

David Kelly

Run Series Founder & Race Director

Flexible plans that reflect the size of your event

Our pricing strategy is based on a simple principal. If the widget convinces just a few athletes to enter your event every month your cost of investment is covered and you can start creating incremental revenue.


We will provide you with all the support you need to start collecting reviews from your participants.




Get results from your reviews with the customisable Racecheck Widget.



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Top features

Each review left on Racecheck involves rating your event on 12 criteria. This section showcases the top 3 to indicate where your event excels.


When writing a review, past-participants select a number of tags which they believe best describe your event. The tags are displayed here.


Here the independent reviews of past-participants are displayed so visitors can see what people truly thought about your event.