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By signing up to Racecheck, and sharing your race reviews, you are joining a community that is striving to help create the best events, and to find them, share them, and race them together.

Want to join in close discussions with fellow athletes? Get the most support you can from us and other athletes on the run up to an event? Request to join our Racecheck Community on Facebook and be part of the family.

To make the most out of being part of the Racecheck community, build up your Racecheck profile by following friends and favourite races, fill in your race calendar, and of course review your race experiences, both good and bad.


The #visorclub grew organically from our athlete community;

An exclusive club within the wider Racecheck community, members earn their places by posting race reviews and, in doing so entering into a monthly draw.

#NeverRaceAlone is the motto of the group promising support, positivity and making sure no one ever feels or races alone.

Successful new members are awarded with a distinctive Racecheck visor, which has become a badge of honour, a beacon drawing strangers to one another, and the chance to pick up lots of race perks and VIP treatments!

If you post 5 race reviews in the same calendar month you get into a draw to potentially join #visorclub. The reviews can be of any races you have done in the past. The draw is on the first day of every month and after every draw the reviews go back to 0 so in order to be included in next month's draw you will need to post 5 new race reviews. Approximately 10 #visorclub members will be drawn each month.

If you have any questions about #visorclub please message us.


As a passionate bunch of athletes who care about others experiences, we imagine there are a lot of you up for helping with some event volunteering.

Volunteering can also bring with it race perks and of course support for amazing charities.

Please enter your details below if you would like to be included in our volunteer community. We will get in touch when opportunities arise.