The best Obstacle Races near me

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The best Obstacle Races near me

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Obstacle races are a real fun way for you to gain and keep on top of your fitness in a way that combines many disciplines. Testing everything from rope-climbing skills, running ability and physical strength, they offer a full body workout and are a great way of keeping in shape in a fun, welcoming environment.

Because they don’t need enormous distances or a lot of space, you can find obstacle races within easy reach of most cities and towns across the country. London’s Rough Runner event offers a full range of massive, awesome obstacles within a few minutes walk of the tube. If time is tight these events hit the button – a fast blast of fitness and fun without the need for a load of travel.

Obstacle races are listed on Racecheck in distances of less than 5km, 5-10km and greater than 10km, but there is a lot more to them than how much ground you cover. These events channel your inner Gladiator, with challenges of the type you might have seen on TV shows like Takeshi’s Castle. Your entire body will get a workout, and that includes your grin muscles. There’s nothing that raises a smile more than seeing your mates falling headfirst into a few feet of mud, after all!

As obstacle courses challenge your whole body they are a great way to cross-train. Stamina and strength are tested in equal measure, and there is also an element of a mental workout too. Working in teams you’ll be challenged to overcome each obstacle together, and as a result they’re a very inclusive event for a group of friends. Obstacle races are as popular with stag and hen parties as they are with office get-togethers and just those who love pushing themselves to the limits.

Check out your nearest obstacle race using Racecheck’s clever search function, and be sure to check out the reviews left by previous participants. Get out there and see what the fun is all about.


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