The best 10K Runs near me

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The best 10K Runs near me

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A 10k run is an event where you’ll find a happy mix of folks, from less-experienced runners who are extending their distances, right through to those who have been running for years and use it as a reliable benchmark of their current form.

10k is the perfect challenge – long enough to test your limits before you really push on to half-marathons and short enough to reduce the stress on your body should you have other events on the horizon. 10k distances are regularly offered alongside half and full marathon distances at many events, which makes them very popular with those who still want to join in the fun with more experienced participants. By running the 10k distance, you can still enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie of an event even if you’re not yet ready for the longer distance.

A 10k run, whether off or on road, is the first of the real challenges runners face. It’s a serious undertaking and one best done after you’ve successfully completed a good number of 5k runs and found you’re not completely drained. The key to achieving your running goals is to build up steadily – going too hard too early has put off many aspiring athletes. Take your time and you’ll learn to love running, not dread it.

In terms of training, your lead-in to race day is defined by how much time you have within a week to train. You could get race ready in a couple of weeks, if those weeks are packed with training runs (4-6 times a week), or you could take around eight weeks if your running has to play second fiddle to work, family and social commitments.

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